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"Begin your Beard Growth Journey properly"

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Lockdown Beards - Ultimate Beard Kit

The Ultimate Beard Care Product Kit from Lockdown Beards. the Best Beard Oil, Beard Butter, Beard Balm and Beard Care Accessories. Make the Perfect Gift. All Natural, Handmade and Organic Products. Handcrafted in Ireland.

The Ultimate Beard Care Kit is a Full Range of products (including the tools) you need to build a Solid Daily Beard Care Routine.


Natural Ingredients such as Smooth, Organic Butters and Carefully Selected Carrier Oils promote Thick, Healthy Beard Growth.


The addition of Natural Essential Oils gives each range a Unique Scent and Character







🥃Old School Beard Oil 🔗


🐎 Legend Beard Oil 🔗


🧊 Ice Cold Beard Oil 🔗


🐺 Hunter Beard Oil 🔗


🧈 Beard Butter (Random) 🔗


🍯 Beard Balm (Random) 🔗


🐗 Boar Hair Beard Brush 🔗


🧔 Beard Comb 🔗




Lockdown Beards - Ultimate Beard Kit - Ireland
Lockdown Beards - Ultimate Beard Kit - Ireland
Lockdown Beards - Ultimate Beard Kit - Ireland
Lockdown Beards - Ultimate Beard Kit - Bearded Bad Boys - Ireland
Lockdown Beards - Beard Care Kit - Unboxing

What's Inside:


What is Beard Oil?


Beard oil helps nourish the skin underneath the beard, as well as the beard hairs themselves.


It acts as a supplement to the natural oils produced by your skin, keeping the beard looking soft, shiny, and smooth.


Without the proper levels of moisture in your skin and hair, your beard may become flaky, thinner, and less likely to grow.


The ability to produce natural oils can be hindered by factors such as a dry climate but more often chemicals from unnatural products.


Large companies often rely on suppressing natural oils to increase product usage and hence, profit margins.


What's in Beard Oil?


The primary ingredients in beard oil are “carrier oils” such as jojoba, argan, coconut and avocado.


These oils have been used by many cultures for centuries to improve hair and skin quality and

we carefully select those which benefit healthy beard growth and maintenance in particular.


The only other ingredients found in our blends are “essential oils” e.g. (sandalwood, frankincense, spruce).


Essential oils are squeezed from trees, barks, herbs and plants and while they also may provide some

beard growth benefits, their primary purpose is to add scent to the oil.


How to use Beard Oil


Beard oil is the staple beard care product and hence can be used multiple times a day,

for all beard lengths and in combination with other beard products such as butters and balms.


As beard oil contains many positive attributes for the skin and hair, we recommend to begin

using a couple of drops a day as soon as you begin your growth journey.


You will find that even with a very short beard, it helps a lot with any dryness or

itch you may experience.


What is Beard Butter?


Beard butter is essentially a conditioning and moisturisation product for beard hair and the skin underneath.


Its creamier consistency allows you to easily work it through the beard as part of your daily routine.


The benefits are similar to that of beard oil, but with the added advantages that shea and cocoa butters bring.


What's in Beard Butter?


The primary ingredients are natural butters, we use both shea and cocoa butter in our products.


Shea butter is responsible for the majority of benefits such as moisturisation and reduced breakage, while cocoa butter, rich in Vitamin C, also provides some hold.


The remaining ingredients are carrier oils e.g. (jojoba, argan, coconut) and essential oils for scent e.g. (sandalwood, vetiver, spruce).


Our beard butter does not contain any beeswax (balm does) and is carefully crafted using a rapid freezing process originally developed by us in the Malta heat to prevent any graininess.


How to use Beard Butter?


Being a conditioning product, beard butter can be used daily and in conjunction with other products such as oil or balm.


Many of our Beardsmen suggest that the best time to use butter is in the evening before sleep to take advantage of the conditioning properties of the shea butter.


Beard butter provides a certain amount of hold for styling, while not as much as balm, it still helps tame your beard during the day.


Our beard butter melts when rubbed between the hands and turns into an oil, which can then be easily applied and brushed through with a comb.


What is Beard Balm?


Beard balm is a product used primarily to add style and hold to the beard.


Think of it as hair wax for your beard but fully natural and with no chemicals to ensure the longevity of your hard earned mane.


What's in Beard Balm?


Just like beard oil and beard butter, balm contains carrier oils (e.g. jojoba), butters (e.g. cocoa) and essential oils for scent (e.g. cedarwood).


There is one more ingredient added on top of this, and that is natural beeswax.


In the perfect ratio, this is what gives the balm its styling and hold characteristics.


How to use Beard Balm


Just like all natural products with beneficial properties, beard balm can be used daily.


Using beard balm in conjunction with beard oil in your morning routine will help you start your day with the beard style you want.


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