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Who We Are

Lockdown Beards is a brand born out of creativity and passion, the kind that emerges when you refuse to become a victim despite challenging times.
We represent the men who re-emerge untamed into the New World, persist towards perfection, and leverage their time to do more than just grow a beard.
That’s why we dare to call it a mane.

What We Make

Carfting Natural Beard Products is our passion. We are wholly against the use of chemicals and do our research thoroughly when it comes to the gifts that the plants of our Earth have for us.
We take inspiration from a source that is often overlooked, cultural and generational knowledge of plants from all over The World.
Taking our time to perfect each scent, we hope that we can help you learn to love the everyday consistency needed to grow your best beard.

"A Lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep"

Our Values

We believe that a beard is a natural source of pride for any man and should be maintained with the same self respect possesed by the lion.


The longevity of your beard is our priority and we won't put a single drop of chemistry in our products.


We don't follow the herd into a consumption and profit driven hamster wheel and prefer to rely on natural wisdom to hone our Craft.


You, the Community is our endless source of insiration.

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