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"The perfect Beard Conditioner"

Beard Butter - Lockdown Beards - Ireland

Beard Butter

🌿 Our Beard Butter products will keep your beard Smooth, Moisturized and Conditioned on a daily basis.


🧊 We Do Not Use Beeswax, instead, we rely on a specific Shea / Cocoa Butter ratio, a Careful Blend of Carrier / Essential Oils and a Rapid Freezing Method.


Why Use Our Beard Butter?




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What is Beard Butter?


Beard butter is essentially a conditioning and moisturisation product for beard hair and the skin underneath.


Its creamier consistency allows you to easily work it through the beard as part of your daily routine.


The benefits are similar to that of beard oil, but with the added advantages that shea and cocoa butters bring.


What's in Beard Butter?


The primary ingredients are natural butters, we use both shea and cocoa butter in our products.


Shea butter is responsible for the majority of benefits such as moisturisation and reduced breakage, while cocoa butter, rich in Vitamin C, also provides some hold.


The remaining ingredients are carrier oils e.g. (jojoba, argan, coconut) and essential oils for scent e.g. (sandalwood, vetiver, spruce).


Our beard butter does not contain any beeswax (balm does) and is carefully crafted using a rapid freezing process originally developed by us in the Malta heat to prevent any graininess.


How to use Beard Butter?


Being a conditioning product, beard butter can be used daily and in conjunction with other products such as oil or balm.


Many of our Beardsmen suggest that the best time to use butter is in the evening before sleep to take advantage of the conditioning properties of the shea butter.


Beard butter provides a certain amount of hold for styling, while not as much as balm, it still helps tame your beard during the day.


Our beard butter melts when rubbed between the hands and turns into an oil, which can then be easily applied and brushed through with a comb.


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